Bryan E. Hill

Crime Analyst
Glendale Police Department

Bryan E. Hill began one of two careers after being honorably discharged as a sergeant from the US Army. In the army he was an operations sergeant, training sergeant and battalion illustrator/artist. Once returning to Phoenix, he began a twenty-one year career, as a sworn officer/detective, with the Phoenix Police Department in Arizona and retired in July 2001. Bryan was then hired by the Glendale Police Department in Arizona as a Crime Analyst and is currently enjoying that new career. 

In association with the Arizona Crime Analysis Association and the Chandler/Gilbert Community College, he helped develop courses for a first of its kind certificate program for crime analysis in Arizona. Bryan created and teaches the crime mapping portion of that certificate program which covers basic GIS, crime analysis applications, crime mapping, predicting serial offender behavior, and reporting for operational use. 

Bryan is a very well-known analyst in the United States and has developed a method for predicting the next hit in a series of crimes called the probability grid method. He continually does his own research to improve this method and establish its credibility among analysts everywhere. Bryan is also an AZ-Post general instructor and adjunct faculty at Chandler Gilbert Community College.

Dr. Rebecca Paynich and Bryan completed a textbook called “Fundamentals of Crime Mapping” in April 2009 through Jones and Bartlett Publishing which is being used in the United States as well as Canada.

Bryan enjoys wood carving and wood turning in his spare time.