TRUCE Project: An Evaluation of Ceasefire Program in Phoenix

Project Dates: 

The Center for Violence Prevention & Community Safety in partnership with Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Arizonans for Gun Safety, will provide analytic support during program implementation and conduct an evaluation of the Phoenix TRUCE Project. The Phoenix TRUCE Project is modeled after the Chicago CeaseFire program, and as such, adopts a public health approach in responding to violence in the community. The fundamental approach used by TRUCE is the use of outreach staff imbedded in the community who identify community members who are at eminent risk of either being a victim or perpetrator of violence, particularly gun violence. By focusing attention on the shootings, TRUCE seeks to diminish homicides first and foremost. Other beneficial potential reductions in crime and community improvement are expected, but are not the focus of the TRUCE effort.

Research Staff

David Choate, M.A.
Andrew Fox, M.S.

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