Five Year Program Review

The Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS) was conceived by Vincent Webb, who, in 2004, served as the Research Consultant to the Provost of the Arizona State University West Campus. The Provost requested that Dr. Webb survey and analyze the research capacity of ASU’s West Campus and identify pockets of strength where the campus should invest. As a consequence of the self-study, a proposal was developed to create a multi-disciplinary campus-wide center that focused on violence prevention and community safety; and on July 1, 2005 the CVPCS was officially recognized by Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). After its establishment, President Michael Crow recognized the CVPCS as a unit for strategic investment, which shortly thereafter resulted in the Watts Family donating $3 million to ASU’s CVPCS. Charles Katz was appointed as the Watts Family Director of the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety in 2008. In August 2009, the Center was administratively and physically moved to the College of Public Programs on the Downtown Phoenix campus.

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