Assessing the Impact and Consequences of Police Body-Worn Cameras

Dr. Katz and Dr. White have conducted research on police BWCs with law enforcement agencies, funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF). From 2012-2014, Dr. Katz conducted an evaluation of the Phoenix BWC program as part of a Smart Policing Initiative grant, and he is currently conducting an expanded evaluation of the Phoenix BWC program. Dr. White conducted studies with the Tempe, Arizona and Spokane, Washington Police Departments. Their studies employ rigorous research designs and have explored key questions about the impact and consequences of BWCs including: officer perceptions; citizen perceptions; perceptions of external stakeholders; impact of use of force, citizen complaints, and officer injuries; and impact on downstream criminal justice processing. The findings from their research have been published in numerous academic journals and related outlets.


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