Gang Migration: Patterns and Motives of Migration of Mara Salvatrucha 13 and Other Salvadoran Gangs into the United States


The flow of illegal immigrants has been a topic of discussion among politicians and scholars over the last decade. It has been argued that immigrants increase criminal activities. This is a result of Hispanic immigrants being perceived as criminals and gang members; even though only a small percentage of these individuals belong to criminal organizations. The primary objective of this study is to examine the different reasons behind the migration of gang members, gang associates and non-gang members.

Examining Gang Social Network Structure And Criminal Behavior

The current study examines the social structure of local street gangs in Glendale, Arizona. Literature on gang organization has come to different conclusions about gang organization, largely based on the methodology used. One consistent finding from qualitative gang research has been that understanding the social connections between gang members is important for understanding how gangs are organized. The current study examines gang social structure by recreating gang social networks using official police data.

AARIN: Maricopa County Attorney's Office Report on the Scope and Nature of the Gang Problem Among the Arrestee Population

The purpose of this report is to use data from a sample of recently booked arrestees in Maricopa County to examine the scope and nature of Maricopa County’s gang problem. In particular, this report supplements data presented in the bi-annual report on gangs conducted by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, which relies on official police data and their occasional white paper on gangs that relies on self-report data from school youth.

Central American Gangs as a Proxy for Criminal Activity and Terrorism


Increased flows in undocumented immigrants resulted in a concurrent rise in gang migration
Deportation policies may have exported U.S. gang cult t C t l A i d M i lture to Central America and Mexico.
“Revolving door Revolving door” migratory pattern emerged migratory pattern emerged among MS-13 and 18th Street Gang (i.e., M-18).