Data Collection

Data CollectionCurrently, there are five AARIN sites across Maricopa County. Three of these facilities, 4th Avenue Jail, Mesa Police Department, and Glendale Police Department are adult facilities and two, the Durango Juvenile Detention, and the Southeast Facility are juvenile facilities. Data is collected and reported on a quarterly basis throughout the year from all five of these facilities. Data collection occurs over a continuous two week period at both juvenile facilities and at 4th Avenue Jail, and for a continuous one week period at both Mesa and Glendale Police Departments.

Although AARIN interviewers are only in each facility for eight hours a day, they are able to interview arrestees over a continuous 24 hour period. AARIN interviewers interview arrestees as they enter the facilities during data collection hours (flow) in addition to those that were arrested the night previously (stock). Only those arrestees in custody for 48 hours or less were eligible to participate in the AARIN study. The process for selecting and interviewing arrestees is consistent across all five facilities. In addition, supervisors are responsible for collecting a predetermined number of completed survey instruments and urine samples at each facility.