Police Innovation: Enhancing Research and Analysis Capacity through Smart Policing

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Author(s): Chelsie Martin-Roethele

Much research has been done on innovations in policing over the past few decades. However, little research has been done on the Smart Policing Initiative, the latest innovation in economically and financially effective crime prevention and reduction strategies. One of the key aspects of the Smart Policing Initiative is the collaboration of police agencies and research partners to more effectively address specific crime issues. The current study uses mean score comparisons and qualitative responses to evaluate this partnership to determine the extent of its value and effect. It also seeks to determine the areas of police agency crime analysis and research units that are most in need of enhancement. Findings are that the research partners are actively involved in a range of aspects involved in problem solving under the Smart Policing Initiative, and that they have positively influenced police agencies’ research and crime analysis functions, and to a lesser extent, have positively impacted police agencies’ tactical operations. Additionally, personnel, technology, and training were found to be the main areas of the crime analysis and research units that still need to be enhanced.


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