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West Valley Information Sharing Enterprise 2006

The general goal of this project is to collect data on West Valley citizens' needs for information about neighborhood crime patterns and trends, terrorism, and public emergency planning and response. There was particular interest in obtaining...Read more
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West Valley Information Sharing Enterprise Data Dictionary

The goal of the data dictionary component of the project was to gather a description of the data for four out of the ten agencies participating in the West Valley Information Sharing Enterprise (WISE).Read more
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Needs Assesment on Information Sharing Among West Valley Police Agencies

This report assesses the needs of the West Valley Information Sharing Enterprise (WISE), a group of 10 law enforcement agencies within Maricopa County, that is attempting to build an infrastructure for sharing information and data.Read more
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Violence Impact Project December 2004

The project focuses on the collaboration of different governmental agencies, from the local, county, state and federal levels, to reduce violence in the Phoenix area.Read more
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Policing Gangs in America: Conclusions

This final chapter of Policing Gangs in America summarizes and discusses the results from the study. In the first section of the chapter we discuss the five principle findings of our research and their implications for policy makers. In...Read more
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Trinidad & Tobago Violence Prevention Academy

The Violence Prevention Academy (VPA) was designed to train school-based personnel to develop comprehensive, integrated, evidence-based violence prevention plans tailored to the specific needs of participating schools. Using a combination of face-to...Read more
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Center 5-Year Report

Five year report for the Center for Violence Prevention & Community Safety.Read more

Canyon Corridor Weed and Seed Evaluation

A first year process and impact evaluation of a local Weed and Seed Community site in Phoenix, Arizona.Read more