Where Do We Go From Here?

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December 2006
Charles M. Katz, Vincent J. Webb, Todd Armstrong, Constance Kostelac

A Report on Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Housing in Phoenix, Arizona

Prior to developing and approving new ordinances that would further regulate sex- offender distance restrictions and clustering, the Phoenix City Council approved a study to examine the nature and impact of sex-offender clustering. Their overall goal was to use the study to fill in some important knowledge gaps about the issue of sex-offender residential clustering in order to inform the development of effective policy.

To examine this issue on behalf of the city council, we relied on a multi-methodological research design. We wanted to incorporate information from several different points of view, giving policy makers a more comprehensive perspective from which to inform their decision making. For this study, we relied on four resources: official police data, offender interview data, citizen survey data, and key stakeholder interview data. Our major findings and subsequent recommendations are presented below.


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