AARIN: Maricopa County Manager's Office Report on Substance Abuse and Public Health Concerns Among Arrestees

Publication Date: 
September 2012
David E. Choate

The Maricopa County Manager’s Office Report 2012 examines a variety of public and correctional health concerns among the Maricopa County arrestee population. The selection of the report’s focus serves to highlight details of the data collection that can be used for data driven decision making and examination of both medical and behavioral public health concerns relevant to Maricopa County Correctional Health Services, the Maricopa County Public Health Department, and others interested or involved in health-related services delivery. Substance abuse and treatment history and needs are a common issue for arrestees. This report describes substance use among arrestees, and provides self-reported detail, by drug, on whether respondents are currently receiving treatment, have received treatment in the past, feel they could use treatment, and if they feel they needed or were dependent on different drugs. Also examined are mental health assistance and risks, correctional health services concerns, and characteristics of the arrestee sample. Straightforward bivariate analyses comparing male and female arrestees are used throughout the report.

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