Police Estimates of Sex Trafficking: Venues, Trends and Data Sources

Publication Date: 
December 2015
Hyunjung Cheon, Vincent J. Wbb, Charles M. Katz, Lidia E. Nuño

A new study from the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Service finds a lack of sex trafficking reporting standards as police agencies see prostitution shift from the street to online. A survey of 72 of the 100 largest U.S. municipal police departments shows a lack of uniformity in how they report sex trafficking and a lack of resources to address the problem. The study sought to provide a better understanding the magnitude of the problem and learn how policy agencies are responding. The vast majority of police agencies surveyed provide training and information to community groups but many indicated they lacked the staffing and funding to adequately combat sex trafficking. The report suggests the need for extensive case studies examining the response to sex trafficking by agencies with a focus on highly effective strategies and tactics that identify cases and help victims.

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