El Salvadorian Gangs, Gang Members and Gang Violence

Project Dates: 2009-present


El Salvadorian Gangs, Gang Members and Gang Violence

Going beyond a doorstep defense of U.S. security requires developing strategic responses to serious threats at some distance from U.S. borders. One such threat is that of third-country nationals who use Mexican territory as a gateway to enter the United States, often legally, to engage in criminal activity or to commit political violence. This project extends existing studies of transnational criminal gangs in Central America to anticipate methods and approaches that could be used by third-country nationals to enter the US to commit politically-motivated violence in the United States.


Research Staff

Charles M. Katz, Ph.D.
Andrew Fox, M.S.

Lidia E.Nuño, M.S.

David Choate, M.A.

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