Napa Gang and Youth Violence Master Plan

Project Dates: 

Together the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety at Arizona State University proposed to conduct a planning and implementation project with the County of Napa, California and its partners. The goal of our project was to produce a Master Plan to address Gang and Youth Violence in Napa County. This Master Plan sought to address gang activity by coordinating existing resources and activities in ways that support the core strategies of the successful gang response. We proposed to use proven problem assessment tools to characterize the specific dimensions of the gang problem in Napa County and the municipalities within the County. In conjunction with this, we proposed to examine available services using the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention grid of existing prevention, intervention and suppression services, a partnership survey and a partnership organizational survey. The report was used to guide the development of a Master Plan to respond to Gang and Youth Violence in Napa County. 

Research Staff

Scott H. Decker, Ph.D.
Charles M. Katz, Ph.D.