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Trinidad & Tobago Violence Prevention Academy

The Violence Prevention Academy (VPA) was designed to train school-based personnel to develop comprehensive, integrated, evidence-based violence prevention plans tailored to the specific needs of participating schools. Using a combination of face-to...Read more
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2011 AARIN Symposium Presentation

The 2011 AARIN Symposium held Wednesday, January 26th on ASU's Downtown Phoenix Campus, featured some of the latest research, trends, and future direction of the project. AARIN is funded by Maricopa County and provides important insights into the...Read more

MYAC Anti-Beer Run PSA 2011

The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, in conjunction with Glendale PD, ASU West, and Glendale 11, produced this spot to teach teens about the risks and life altering consequences of making beer runs.Read more
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Center 5-Year Report

Five year report for the Center for Violence Prevention & Community Safety.Read more

Organization of American States Second Special Meeting on Criminal Gangs

Director Charles Katz speaks at the Organization of American States Second Special Meeting on Criminal Gangs- Toward a Regional Strategy to Promote Inter-American Cooperation. Date: March 2, 2010 - 09:00 AM Place: Simón Bolívar Room, OAS Main...Read more

An Exploration of the Offending Behavior or Sex Offenders: Summary of Findings

Sample Characteristics 244 Registered Sex Offenders -Phoenix Predominantly White (64.3%) Predominantly Male (98 8%) Predominantly Male (98 .8%) 57% Level II Offenders 43%Level III Offenders 62.3% on Probation Average Age of First Arrest for Any...Read more

Canyon Corridor Weed and Seed Evaluation

A first year process and impact evaluation of a local Weed and Seed Community site in Phoenix, Arizona.Read more