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Diagnosing Gang Problems in the Caribbean

Diagnosing gangs and gang crime in the Caribbean. Presented at the Organization of American States conference on Caribbean youth crime and violence, St. Kitts.Read more
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2009 AARIN Symposium Welcome and Background

The initial presentation provided the historical background of the AARIN Project, its roots in ADAM and DUF, and the partnership with Maricopa County that ressurected data collection. This presentation also provides details about the data collection...Read more

2009 AARIN Symposium: Utility of AARIN to Maricopa County

Amy Rex, a Criminal Justice Project Manager from Justice System Information and Planning of the Maricopa County Manager's Office presented on the County's need for data among critical criminal justice related populations. She emphasized the need for...Read more
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2009 AARIN Symposium: Military Veterans

Preliminary findings from one of the currently deployed AARIN addenda were presented. Using the veterans' addendum, AARIN is able to focus on issues particular to military veterans among Maricopa County arrestees. Providing information on the...Read more

2009 AARIN Symposium: Co-occurring Disorders Among Juvenile Detainees

During 2007, the Co-occurring Disorder addendum was administered to both adult and juvenile respondents. The purpose of the addendum was to provide data regarding the prevalence of co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorder risk among...Read more

2009 AARIN Symposium: Gangs

Preliminary findings from the currently deployed AARIN Gang addenda were presented. The Gang Addendum asks all respondents about how gangs and gang activity affects their neighborhood, and whether they have been the victim of a gang-related crime...Read more

2009 AARIN Symposium: Drug Markets

During 2008, as part of AARIN data collection interviews collected data on methamphetamine use and drug markets. Some of the findings from the forthcoming special topic report on the Drug Market Addendum illustrate distinct differences in the drug...Read more

2009 AARIN Symposium: Homelessness

As an example of other types of anlyses that can be conducted using AARIN data, we presented a Structural Equation Model (SEM). The analysis tested the hypothesized relationship that mental illness leads to homelessness, while simultaneously...Read more

Trinidad & Tobago Violence Prevention Academy Presentation

Characteristics of Traditional Responses to School Violence Schools are reactive to incidents – Driven by teacher referrals – Driven by public demands for change Limited information from communityRead more
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Reports of Gangs in Antiguan Schools

Reports of gangs in Antiguan schools. Presented at the Caribbean Child Research Conference, Kingston, Jamaica.Read more