LAC Conference

Opening Remarks

Charles Katz, Jonathan Koppell, and U.S. Ambassador John Maisto (Retired) begin the LAC conference with their opening remarks.



Thomas Abt, "Reducing Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Alex Piquero, "Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Risk Factors for Offending

Ed Maguire, "Research Evidence on the Effects of Policing on Violence"

Scott H. Decker, "Community Based Anti-Violence Strategies"

Guillermo Cespedes, Robin Braverman, and Debra Wahlberg, "Discussion Panel on Risk Factor Based Intervention Programming"

Ted Lawrence, Antonio Iskandar, and Ana Suazo, "Panel on Experiences with Justice and Security Reform"


Opening Remarks Day Two:

Charles Katz opens Day Two of the LAC Conference on April 12th, 2018



Claudio Beato, "Violence and Its Prevention: Lessons from Brazil"

Ed Maguire, "Understanding and reducing Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Roadmap"


Research Bites:

Charles Katz, "Introduction to Session: An Overview of Gangs and Violence in LAC"
Andrew Fox, "Gangs, Neighbordhood Social Structure & Homicide in Trinidad and Tobago"
Edward Maguire, "An Evaluation of Project REASON: Problems and Prospects"
Anthony Harriott, "Responses to Violence in the Caribbean"
Lidia Nuño & Vincent Webb, "Risk Factors, Violence & Gangs in El Salvador"
Kenneth Leon, "MS-13 from El Salvador to LA and Washington, DC"