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Truce Advisory Board Meeting

August 2010 | Presentations

Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) is a statewide community development corporation (CDC), committed to building stronger, healthier communities as a lead advocate, coalition builder and direct service provider. CPLC promotes positive change and … Read more

An Exploration of the Offending Behavior or Sex Offenders: Summary of Findings

| Presentations

Sample Characteristics

  • 244 Registered Sex Offenders-Phoenix
  • Predominantly White (64.3%)
  • Predominantly Male (98 8%) Predominantly Male (98… Read more

The Phoenix Sex Offender Clustering Study

October 2007 | Presentations

Purpose & Methodology
• Phoenix City Council was interested in approving new ordinances that would further regulate sex offender distance restrictions and clustering.

• Official police data

• Offender interview data

•… Read more

The Phoenix Sex Offender Clustering Study: Offender Interviews

October 2006 | Presentations

Examine the impact of sex offender registration and sex offender notification on those convicted of a sex offense.
– Sex offender perceptions and experiences with housing
– Sex offender perceptions and experiences with … Read more

Central American Gangs as a Proxy for Criminal Activity and Terrorism

June 2009 | Presentations

Increased flows in undocumented immigrants resulted in a concurrent rise in gang migration
Deportation policies may have exported U.S. gang cult t C t l A i d M i lture to Central America and Mexico.
“Revolving door Revolving door”… Read more

Trinidad & Tobago Violence Prevention Academy Presentation

March 2009 | Presentations

Characteristics of Traditional Responses to School Violence
Schools are reactive to incidents
– Driven by teacher referrals
– Driven by public demands for change
Limited information from community

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Where Do We Go From Here?

December 2006 | Reports and Publications
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