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Influence of Risk and Protective Factors on School-aged Youth Involvement with Gangs, Guns, and Delinquency: Findings from the El Salvador Youth Survey

May 2017 | Reports and Publications

Youth participation in problem behavior, including crime and violence, especially in gang-related violence, has become a global concern over the past several years. The research that is the basis for this report was designed to provide… Read more

The Criminal Research Information Management Evaluation System

May 2017 | Reports and Publications

Small Rural Border and Tribal Law enforcement agencies are frequently faced with prohibitive cost when acquiring, implementing and operating records management systems (RMS). These costs include those for software/system acquisition, software… Read more

Medical Marijuana Use and Diversion: Prevalence and Correlates from an At-Risk Sample

November 2015 | Reports and Publications

The current study seeks to explore these issues through an examination of the prevalence of medical marijuana use and diversion of medical marijuana among adults in an at-risk sample, with a specific focus on identifying the factors that are… Read more

Police Officer Body-Worn Cameras: Assessing the Evidence

August 2014 | Reports and Publications

The goal of this publication is to provide law enforcement agencies, researchers, and other interested parties with a comprehensive, objective resource that describes the key issues to consider with the technology, that outlines the perceived… Read more

AARIN: Maricopa County Sherrif's Office Central Intake Booking Process Report 2013

October 2013 | Reports and Publications

This report provides the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) with information on the perceptions and experiences of recently booked arrestees at the 4th Avenue Central Intake facility for the purpose of providing MCSO management and staff an… Read more

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AARIN Adult Annual Report 2011

April 2011 | Reports and Publications
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Maryvale Weed & Seed Site Evaluation Report

October 2010 | Reports and Publications
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Making Strides in Maryvale

December 2007 | Reports and Publications