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AARIN Adult Annual Report 2010

April 2010 | Reports and Publications
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Center 5-Year Report

| Reports and Publications
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AARIN Alert on Opiates

March 2010 | Reports and Publications

As a research platform, the AARIN Project can track trends in substance abuse and other concerns among Maricopa County arrestees. This AARIN Alert tracks an alarming increase among a subset of arrestees in opiates, which includes heroin and many… Read more

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Policing Gangs in America: Conclusions

| Reports and Publications

Homicide in Arizona, 2004

December 2009 | Reports and Publications

Report prepared in cooperation with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission. Fornango, Robert J. & Charles M. Katz (2009) Homicide in Arizona, 2004.

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AARIN Veteran Report

June 2010 | Reports and Publications
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Crime at Convenience Stores

June 2011 | Reports and Publications

Over the past year anecdotal evidence from media reports has suggested disproportionate levels of crime and violence occurring at Circle K stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Criminal events depicted by the media often took the… Read more