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Examining the Diffusion of Police Arrests across Urban Space: Territoriality, the Police Role, and Isomorphism

The effectiveness of police behavior on criminal activity has improved over the last thirty years. Yet, some police practices remain ineffective against crime. Because there is the potential for disconnect between their behavior and crime control,...Read more

Exploring the Impact of Department Policy on TASER-Proximate Arrest Related Deaths

The controversy over law enforcement use of TASER devices and the potential for the devices to cause death has proliferated in recent years. In 2005 the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)...Read more
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An Examination of the Relationship between Gang Membership and Hopelessness

The literature on hopelessness suggests youth living amid impoverished conditions, social disorganization, and limited resources are more likely to experience increased feelings of hopelessness. Similarly, many of the aforementioned aspects are...Read more

Public Perceptions Matter: A Procedural Justice Study Examining an Arrestee Population

Research has shown that the manner in which people are treated in their interactions with agents of the criminal justice system matters. People expect criminal justice officials to treat them fairly and with honesty and respect, which is the basis...Read more

Examining the Relationship between Immigration Status and Criminal Involvement: Do Illegal Immigrants Commit More Crime?

A perceived link between illegal immigration and crime continues to exist. Citizens continue to believe that immigration creates crime and fear that as the immigrant population grows, their safety is jeopardized. Not much research in the field of...Read more
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Moving Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Thrasher's Threat-Cohesion Hypothesis

Frederic Thrasher's early work with youth gangs in Chicago continues to influence contemporary gang research. Thrasher's basic premise, that conflict with outside groups facilitates strong interpersonal ties between adolescents, has yet to undergo...Read more
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A Cross-National Comparison of Gangs in the United States and Trinidad and Tobago

This study compares the scope and nature of the gang problem in two communities: one in the United States and one in Trinidad and Tobago, a small-island developing state in the eastern Caribbean that has experienced a serious outbreak of violence...Read more
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Crime at Convenience Stores

Over the past year anecdotal evidence from media reports has suggested disproportionate levels of crime and violence occurring at Circle K stores in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Criminal events depicted by the media often took the form of...Read more
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AARIN Alert on STDs

The AARIN project found an alarmingly high rate of arrestees who tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases.Read more

Arrest-Related Deaths in the United States: An Assessment of the Current Measurement

Though police-involved homicides have generated controversy and caused community disruptions and riots for many years, few efforts to systematically capture and study these events exist. The lack of research on arrest-related deaths (ARDs) is...Read more