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AARIN Veteran Report

This special topic AARIN report summarizes data collected from the Veteran's Addendum, used throughout 2009. The report examines the prevalence and problems facing the criminal justice system in Maricopa County regarding the veteran population.Read more
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Why Homicide Clearance Rates Decrease: Evidence from the Caribbean

Police agencies and researchers have devoted significant attention to understanding and improving homicide clearance rates, which often serve as an overall barometer of police performance. Using quantitative and qualitative data, this study examines...Read more
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AARIN Adult Annual Report 2010

The Arizona Arrestee Reporting Information Network (AARIN) is a drug abuse monitoring system that provides on-going descriptive information about drug use, crime, victimization, and other characteristics of interest among individu- als arrested in...Read more
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AARIN Alert on Opiates

As a research platform, the AARIN Project can track trends in substance abuse and other concerns among Maricopa County arrestees. This AARIN Alert tracks an alarming increase among a subset of arrestees in opiates, which includes heroin and many...Read more

Structural Disadvantage, Gang Presence and Homicide in a Caribbean Nation

Gangs and violence in the Caribbean • Little research has examined gangs and/or violence in the Caribbean. • Anecdotal evidence suggests that these problems have grown significantly. • No research has examined the relationship between community...Read more
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Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Gang-Involved Youth in Trinidad and Tobago

Objectives. To examine the prevalence of gang involvement, the risk and protective factors associated with gang involvement, and the association between gang involvement and expo- sure to multiple risk and protective factors among school-aged youth...Read more

Homicide in Arizona, 2004

Report prepared in cooperation with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission. Fornango, Robert J. & Charles M. Katz (2009) Homicide in Arizona, 2004.Read more
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AARIN Drug Report 2008

During 2008, 2,105 adult arrestees participated in the AARIN study. Participants completed the survey instrument and provided a valid urine specimen for testing. In addition to the core AARIN instrument, a supplemental set of question was asked of...Read more
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AARIN South Mountain Report

The South Mountain neighborhood is located in the southern part of the City of Phoenix in Maricopa County. The three zip codes of 85040, 85041 and 85042 comprise the bulk of the neighborhood and serve as the target area boundary for this report...Read more

AARIN Meth Report 2008

For the 2008 AARIN study, 2,105 Maricopa County (AZ) arrestees volunteered to complete the survey instrument and to provide a valid urine specimen for testing. In addition, the arrestees responded to a series of questions related to methamphetamine...Read more