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Final Evaluation of the Phoenix TRUCE Project: A Replication of Chicago Ceasefire

The Phoenix TRUCE Project is modeled after the Chicago CeaseFire program, and as such has adopted a public health approach in responding to violence in the community. TRUCE emphasizes the use of outreach staff embedded in the community who identify...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Office Report on The Comparison of Maricopa County Juvenile Probationers Among the Detainee Population

The analysis plan and the format of this report are derived from numerous meetings held over more than an eighteen month span with the AARIN project advisory board, Maricopa County leadership, and representatives from JPD. Following the guidance of...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Report on The Characteristics of the Adult Arrestee Population

The analysis and report presented here is prepared specifically for the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office (MCSO) on behalf of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and Maricopa County Manager as part of their support of the Arizona Arrestee...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Report on The Comparative Performance of Police Organizations

The purpose of this report is to provide a proof of concept for a different, alternative method for evaluating police agencies. Our method is couched in a comparative approach, which will allow agencies to compare their performance to other police...Read more
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A Multi-City Report on Crime & Disorder in Convenience Stores

As part of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Smart Policing Initiative, the Glendale Police Department and the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety (CVPCS) at Arizona State University (ASU) found that convenience stores --...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Adult Probation Office Report on The Comparison of Maricopa County Adult Probationers Among the Arrestee Population

This report compares arrestees in three categories of probation history – never served probation (or not in the past 12 months), served probation in a county other than Maricopa, and served probation in Maricopa County, each defined for either...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Office of the Public Defender Report on Co-Occurring Disorders Among Arrestees

In the present study, researchers used interview data obtained from 1,342 recently booked adult male and female arrestees at the Central Intake booking facilities in Maricopa County, Arizona as part of the Arizona Arrestee Reporting Information...Read more
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AARIN: Maricopa County Manager's Office Report on Substance Abuse and Public Health Concerns Among Arrestees

The Maricopa County Manager’s Office Report 2012 examines a variety of public and correctional health concerns among the Maricopa County arrestee population. The selection of the report’s focus serves to highlight details of the data collection that...Read more
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Gang Migration: Patterns and Motives of Migration of Mara Salvatrucha 13 and Other Salvadoran Gangs into the United States

The flow of illegal immigrants has been a topic of discussion among politicians and scholars over the last decade. It has been argued that immigrants increase criminal activities. This is a result of Hispanic immigrants being perceived as criminals...Read more

The Effects of Crime Incident Characteristics and Neighborhood Structure on Police Response Time

Effectiveness and efficiency of the police have both been contentious topics from the public perspective. Police departments have developed policies to help better their patrol officers' effectiveness on the streets in both quality and timeliness...Read more