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Evaluating Participation Rates among Law Enforcement Agencies Eligible for AZ-VDRS Participation, 2020 - 2023

April 2024 | Reports and Publications

This report describes law enforcement agencies and their participation with the Arizona Violent Death Reporting System between 2020 and 2023. It details rates of participation among county sheriffs, municipal agencies, state/federal agencies, and… Read more

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Evaluation of the Phoenix Crime Gun Intelligence Center

June 2021 | Reports and Publications
AZ Counties

Jurisdictional Reports

March 2018 | Reports and Publications

AZ-VDRS Summary Reports

September 2019 | Reports and Publications
Homicides Report Cover

Homicides in Arizona

August 2020 | Reports and Publications
Veteran Suicide

Suicides Involving Veterans

July 2020 | Reports and Publications
Suicide Report Cover

Suicide in Arizona

August 2020 | Reports and Publications
Firearm Deaths in Arizona

2020 Gun Symposium

January 2020 | Reports and Publications

Presentation slides detailing the findings from the Arizona Violent Death Reporting System (AZ-VDRS), as presented at the AZ-VDRS Gun Symposium on January 29, 2020. This presentation summarizes the report by the Morrison Institute for Public… Read more

The effects of procedural injustice on the use of violence against police by Occupy Wall Street protesters

February 2018 | Reports and Publications

While a large, cross-disciplinary literature exists on crowd dynamics and protester behavior, few studies have tested the effects of perceived injustice on protester behavior. Based on data from a survey of Occupy Wall Street protesters in New… Read more

Attitudes among Occupy DC participants about the use of violence against police

July 2016 | Reports and Publications

Social movements often embrace nonviolent civil disobedience strategies. At the same time, social movements sometimes attract participants with different temperaments and different views on the morality or utility of using violence against police… Read more