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The effects of procedural injustice on the use of violence against police by Occupy Wall Street protesters

While a large, cross-disciplinary literature exists on crowd dynamics and protester behavior, few studies have tested the effects of perceived injustice on protester behavior. Based on data from a survey of Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York...Read more
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Attitudes towards the Use of Violence against Police among Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Although many social movement participants claim to embrace non-violent civil disobedience strategies, protesters tend to have heterogeneous views on the morality and utility of engaging in violence. In particular, protesters sometimes view violence...Read more

Influence of Risk and Protective Factors on School-aged Youth Involvement with Gangs, Guns, and Delinquency: Findings from the El Salvador Youth Survey

Youth participation in problem behavior, including crime and violence, especially in gang-related violence, has become a global concern over the past several years. The research that is the basis for this report was designed to provide policymakers...Read more

The Criminal Research Information Management Evaluation System

Small Rural Border and Tribal Law enforcement agencies are frequently faced with prohibitive cost when acquiring, implementing and operating records management systems (RMS). These costs include those for software/system acquisition, software...Read more